Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going Postal

Yesterday was one of those days that straight up kicked my ass. Not much went right until after supper. The day time was filled with frustration after frustration. Now that I'm into a new day I thought y'all might enjoy a story from yesterday.

Earlier this month I mailed out a cheque to CMRRA. These folks are the organization you pay when you record someone else's material on your record. We re-cut Commit a Crime for the new album REDEMPTION so I had to pay a small fee. While in Toronto I mailed the cheque thinking it would go right through as the CMRRA office is in Toronto as well. No brainer right? the mail away it goes. Well I have been watching my bank account to make sure I know when the cheque goes through. It hadn't. I thought that was weird.

Yerterday wen I checked my mail I noticed a familiar looking envelope in my PO Box. It was the check I mailed IN Toronto TO a Toronto business. It had a rubber stamp on it that let me know I had places insufficient postage on my letter. I owed them another .65 cents!!!! WTF?????


They mailed the letter all the way back to NB from Toronto for another 65 cents? WOW. HELLOOOOO - this is the department of redundancy Department calling Canada Post. You guys are ridiculous.

This little event blows my mind. I don't understand how a company can be so adamant about 65 cents to the point where they spend the $$$ on sending it 1400kms!!! Way to go Canada Post. You guys Suck.



  1. Mental note...To send letters half price while on the road, put the wrong postage on it and the return address of the person you want it to go to!!